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Become a contributor to DocMode

Are you interested to become contributor to DocMode? The platform has more than 1 lakh registered users and many users join for weekly live lectures and courses. Further, DocMode promotes these blogs via its social channels, which gives added boost to your profile.

Contributor guidelines 

We invite blog / article contributions on topics related to medicine, pharma, new treatment therapies, future of healthcare, etc. Please visit our blog sector to get an idea about topics which are acceptable or write to us

Submission guidelines.

1.      Articles must preferably be between 400-600 words in length. Though we don’t have an upper limit but would request you to create a series of two to three articles. As we have seen readers tend to leave reading an article halfway, if they are lengthy.

2.      We request you to also share pictures, graphical representations or related videos which can help reader to better understand the article. 

3.      The blog article should be original work of by the author. 

4.      If the blog article is found to be plagiarized in any form, its will be dismissed. 

5.      Ensure the article has reference links incase you need to quote. 

6.      Please don’t share articles self – promotional articles, as these will be rejected. 

7.      Authors should submit a short bio along with their mail id, photo and social media handles.

8.      This final right to accept or reject the article remains with DocMode team after review.

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